Why set up a budget?

2 min read

If you think about all of the big and exciting things you want to do in your life as your destination – and your financial plan is the map that shows you how to get there – then your budget is the road that takes you there. 

Setting up a budget allows you to take control of how you’re spending your money and what you’re spending it on.

In order to do the things you dream of, it’s important to financially plan for them. And a budget is what helps you to reach your financial goals. 

By setting up a budget you can decide how you want your money to be working harder for you. You can prioritise where your money is going. And you can use it to forecast the months that you might be spending more money, and make sure you’re prepared. 

A budget enables you to: 

  • Keep your spending on track
  • Avoid debt by planning ahead
  • Afford unexpected items that come up as you can budget for them 

By doing this you’ll be able to make financial decisions based on the resources you have. You’ll also be able to put money aside for the future and any unexpected challenges that may come up. And you’ll have better financial wellbeing overall as you’re being more mindful of where your money’s going. 

Having a budget means you can be more proactive than reactive about your money. This’ll help you feel in control of your money. And the best part is it helps you spend less on what you don’t like and more on what really brings you joy.