Why is life insurance important?

2 min read

Life insurance is one of the three most common types of protection. 

It’s important to think about if you have people that depend upon you from a financial point of view. 

If the worst happens, you want to know those you love aren’t struggling with money worries because you’re no longer around to help provide for them. 

Leaving a big you-shaped gap in the family can be hard enough without the additional stress of worrying how your family will make ends meet. 

Some additional reasons that this is important could include: 

  • You’ve just got married and want to support your spouse
  • You’re having a baby and you’ll know their nursery fees and cost to raise them is sorted. This can really add up over the years
  • Some policies can be used to contribute towards funeral costs. These can be quite expensive, so you’ll avoid any extra money stress at an already difficult time. 
  • It can be used to cover inheritance tax
  • You’ve just bought a house and/or are still paying off a mortgage, especially if there’s still a long term on it.

Life insurance isn’t the most pleasant thing to talk about. But think of it like a toolbox you might have at home. You hope never to have to use it, but it’s there for you if you need it.