What to look for when choosing a will provider

5 min read

There are three main ways to get your will written: 

  • use a solicitor
  • use a will-writing service 
  • create a DIY will

Which you choose will depend on how complex your circumstances are and how much you want to pay. 

Here are some things to consider :

What’s the cost?

Generally the cost for a solicitor to write your will, starts at around £200. A will-writing service is likely to be under £100. DIY wills, as the name implies, will be free.  

Are they regulated?

Unlike many areas of financial services, will-writing is not a regulated market. But, because solicitors are regulated professionals, if you use them you’re covered by a range of valuable protections. If you create a DIY will you’re essentially on your own.

Are they a member of a recognised professional or trade body?

If you’re thinking about using a will-writing service, it’s worth checking whether it’s a member of a recognised professional or trade body. This can include the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, the Institute of Professional Willwriters (IPW) or the Society of Will Writers (SWW).

Whichever option you choose, make sure that you understand what is included in the service, and what protections are offered as part of the deal.