What is life insurance?

2 min read

Planning for life goals and making them happen is one of the most exciting things we can do. 

No one really likes to think about the final life milestone. But since it’s one we all come to sooner or later, it’s worth doing.

If you’re worried about your family and whether they’ll be OK financially if anything happens to you, this is where life insurance comes in. Life insurance allows your loved ones to be provided for financially if the worst happens.  

This type of policy gives your beneficiaries a set cash lump sum if you pass away while covered by the policy. You can choose the amount of cover that’s right for you based on your lifestyle. 

When deciding the amount of life insurance cover you want, it’s helpful to look at your everyday expenses as well as your fixed costs such as your mortgage and bills. 

You might also want to think about how long your children will be dependent upon you and when your partner might want to retire. 

Your life insurance should allow your loved ones to be able to cover all of this in the longer term. 

While it’s not the most fun thing to think about, having life insurance is an amazing way to protect those you care for.