What is budgeting?

2 min read

Budgeting definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. 

We’ve all had our fair share of budgeting fails. But with a few tweaks, those can turn into wins. And by the end you might even find that you don’t hate budgeting all that much after all. 

Budgeting is really useful if you: 

  • Regularly overspend
  • Always wonder exactly where your money went 
  • Have a specific goal or event that you want to save for

A budget can help with all of these.  

It sounds fancy, but when you’re budgeting, you’re just keeping track of the money you have coming in (your income) and going out (your expenses). 

Understanding your spending habits is important with budgeting. 

Once you know your money habits, you can create a plan of how you want to use your money instead. 

You can then adapt what you spend each month or year to fit in with your plan.

Think of it as being the CEO of your finances.

It shouldn’t make you feel restricted or that you can’t spend money. Having a budget can actually help you spend less on things you don’t like and more on the things that spark joy. 

Budgeting is a way of making your financial goals and big life events a reality. 

It’s the best tool you can use to set you up for success with your money.