What are the different ways you can invest?

4 min read

Investing is one of the most powerful ways to grow your wealth and reach your medium to long term goals. 

There are many ways to invest out there. What you choose will depend on a few factors like your knowledge and confidence level, your risk appetite, your goals, your timeframe and the amount of fees you’re willing to pay. This is great because it means you can pick an approach that suits you. And find different investments giving you a range of returns that will fit your investing profile.

There are 3 main approaches you can choose from:

  • Do It Yourself investing (DIY investing). This approach means you’ll build your own portfolio and choose your own investments. You’ll need to have a general understanding of how the stock market works and the risks involved. It’s the most complicated option and might not be right for you if you’re just getting started.
  • Robo-advisers. Robo-advisers are an automated, algorithm-based portfolio management service with little human intervention. This approach requires you to answer a risk tolerance questionnaire so the provider can put together a portfolio of diversified investments for you based on your risk profile. It’s the simplest way to get started and get professional management of your investments for a low fee.
  • Financial advisers (also called IFAs). The traditional method of seeking face to face expert advice may still be a relevant option for some people. IFAs, Independent Financial Advisers, are qualified financial planning professionals who can give you independent advice based on your current financial situation and your needs. This approach usually requires that you already have a certain amount of money and you’d be charged a higher ongoing fee.